About Lift and Slide Doors

Sliding Specialties lift & slides are custom fabricated according to your individual specifications and available in many wood species, designs, and sizes. We offer our experienced technical assistance in the initial phases of your projects regarding design, specifications, applications and construction. 
These large doors operate in the starting position, with the weather-stripping engaged in compression, and with the simple turn of the door handle, this will unlock the  door and lift it up off the sill allowing the door to slide easily without  any friction from the weather-stripping. These magnificent doors are able to slide neatly together offering full view and maximum accessibility to the outside.

Sliding Specialties lift & slide doors can be made in large sizes which can be opened and closed with the touch of a finger. One single operating handle activates a special hardware system that first lifts the sliding door from the weather tight position then slides with ease on rollers and tracks at the head and sill. A number of sliding doors can be used in a row and can telescope into a pocket built in the wall allowing the entire wall to open leaving an uninterrupted open span, with minimum threshold that smoothly transitions the living space inside to the outside space.

Due to the lift  & slide's ease of operation and their multipoint locking hardware, lift & slide doors can be built to the size of your entire wall. When the door system is opened, the recessed track in the flooring allows for an unobstructed and smooth transition to the outside.

Lift & slides are the ideal choice when an entire wall is desired to open up to the outdoors to showcase your pool, atrium, patio, view of the golf course, basically any indoor- outdoor living areas such as terraces, gardens, courtyards or sun-rooms or simply any room with a view.

We build these custom lift & slide door systems to the size you want. A single door or a combination of doors can be used to fuse an entire wall. In addition, a pocket in the wall can be made to conceal the open panels. Lift & slides are custom made to your choice  in door configurations according to your preferences.

The single use interior/exterior handle is available in optional finishes. This handle is a single operating handle which activates a multipoint locking hardware system that provides a higher security and ease of operation.