Lift and Slide Doors, Wonderful Pocket Doors from Sliding Specialties

Here you will find a lift and slide door manufacturer that will build your perfect pocket sliding doors to your specifications and install them for you. If you are building your dream home with panoramic views or spectacular landscaping, why settle for standard sliding patio doors? Imagine a room with a glass wall that disappears into a pocket revealing your breath-taking view whether open or closed. Lift and slide pocket doors will make the transition to your patio or pool seamless. Find out about Sliding Specialty Lift and Slide doors and how they transform your living space with a simple turn of a handle and a push of a finger.

There are many possible door configurations for our lift-slide doors . View some pocketed designs or some without pockets. You can activate animations that will demonstrate how lift and slide patio doors open.

Sliding Specialties can manufacture sliding doors in any wood species, you are free to choose. View some of the most common wood species for lift and slide doors. 


Hardware for Lift and Slide Doors / Pocket Doors

View your track options and learn which is best for your lift and slide doors.

  • Recessed Stainless Steel Lift and Slide Track System
  • Bronze Aluminum High Threshold Lift and Slide Track System
  • Stainless Steel Insert High Bottom Lift and Slide Track System
  • Aluminum Insert High Bottom Lift and Slide Track System
  • Aluminum Low Bottom Lift and Slide Track System
  • Aluminum High Bottom Lift and Slide Track System

Choose from our standard handles or removable lift and slide handles

standard door handles
Standard Door Handles

removable door handles
Removable Door Handles

Door handle Finishes for lift-slide doors / pocket doors

In addition to our standard door handles there are deluxe handles with many finishes to choose from. Check out some samples of different handle finishes you can choose from. Some include oil-rubbed bronze, satin, chrome, mat nickel, mat black, and polished brass. Materials include stainless steel, brass and aluminum from quality brands such as POLO, Bradford, Blair, and AGB.

delux door handles

Keys / Locks for Lift and Slide Doors

Check out our re-keyable brass cylinders for your lift and slide in satin chrome or oil-rubbed bronze finishes or our keyed cylinder with tang in mat nickel.


Glass for Sliding Doors / Walls

Find out what type of glass is right for your lift and slide door. We describe in detail the types of glass that are available to you. Types include: Clear, IG Low E, Single Glazing, Tinted, or Laminated. View our useful information regarding the right glass for you.

Lift and Slide Door Gallery

Check out some beautiful finished lift and slides and some of our projects during construction. Here you can see types of wood that others have chosen and how these glass sliding doors have transformed their homes.

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